Awesome Android Live Wallpapers that Turn Time Into Color


wallpaper 1

Wallpaper can be a simple as a solid color representing the hour of the day.

wallpaper 2

Or a simple gradient with hour color at top and minute as bottom.

wallpaper 3

Here's a radial gradient that orbits an invisible clock face, with digital display.

wallpaper 4

Example of split slant pattern with sunspot and analog clock hands.

wallpaper 5

Example of central radiant with sunspot.

wallpaper 6

Example of color-wheel which makes it easy to learn.


Chronochrome™ wallpapers are very easy to use. There are only a few parts of the user interface that really need any explanation at all. In the following sections we will go over these in detail. After reading this you should have a good understanding of the application and how to control the variety of customization options it provides.

MENU When you open a Chronochrome application, you will see a menu icon in the upper left corner. Pressing this will open a menu of additional options: Paper, Clock, Settings, About, Website and Review.

Paper The Paper menu item simply returns you to the selection of available wallpaper patterns. This is a grid of pattern snapshots. Simply tapping a pattern will allow you to apply it -- making it your current wallpaper, or adjust its settings. Each wallpaper has special settings that apply only to it as well as common settings which can apply to all wallpapers. There are simply too many options to go over each one individaully here, so the best way to understand them it to play with them and see how each one effects the look of the particular pattern.

Clock The clock provides a reference so you can familiarize yourself with how colors and time correspond. It's fairly easy to explain, but seeing is believing. Each of the 24 hours of the day has a specific color. This is so by virtue of applying a color-wheel starting with dark blue at midnight and moving around in clockwise fashion, whereby red occurs around 6 AM, yellow at noon and green in the evening. That's really all there is to it, but it does take some time to get used to. In particular, on our 24 hour clock, midnight is at the bottom and not the top as you often see on military clocks.


So hours are simple enough. Minutes and seconds are similar. Again dark blue begins at 0 minutes or 0 seconds and follows the color wheel around. So for instance, fifteen minutes after the hour is red, 30 minutes after the hour is yellow and 45 minutes after is green. See how these match up with the hours in the day? And so it goes for seconds too. And remember, by default on our 24 hour clock, all time segments start at zero and at the bottom! This is one of the things you can change in the settings, but if you stop to think about it (as we have in making this app), it actually makes the most sense to have in the bottom position -- after all, where is the sun at high noon vs. midnight?

Settings Not to be confused with special settings of each wallpaper pattern, this is where you can make global adjustments to the behavior of T+C=W. Settings are divided into three parts. The first are simply setting for the Clock, which we will get to in the next section. The next two allow you to control the shared Color and Time settings for all available patters.

About About simply displays a blurb about the T+C=W app, some copyright and acknowledgment notices and, most importantly, the current version.

Reviewe If you'd like to show your "love", this is where you can go to review the app. If you get any enjoyment out of Chronochrome, please give a positive review. Your support has a real impact on the well-being of our programmers!

"The rosy-fingers of Dawn" --Homer, The Iliad